The CARP+ SPVC organised a training on data analysis using STATA and SPSS at Egerton University, Njoro on 19th -23rd march 2018. The one-week training was held with the aim of building the capacity of students and staff from Egerton university and partnering organisation (BAC, NPCK, NASFA and ADC-Molo) to manage data from research and to sharpen their analysis skills using the two programs. A total of 23 students (2 PhD, 14 Msc and 7 Bsc) from Agricultural Education, Agronomy, Community Studies, Agrienterprise Development and Agribusiness Management programs registered at Egerton university turned up for the event. In addition, NPCK, NASFA and EU sent one staff each to receive the training. The following topics were covered during the one-week training.
i. Code book preparation and data entry using SPSS and Stata software.
ii. Data cleaning using Stata.
iii. Data analysis and interpretation using Stata and Excel packages.
Relevant examples and data sets were used throughout the training. Trainees were actively engaged through assignments and questions to help them grasp the concepts better. The facilitator successfully guided the trainees on how to present their results in the reports/ thesis documents. Additionally, the facilitator elaborated some of the necessary things to address when conducting research especially on developing a good questionnaire and data collection.
At the end of the training, a practical test was administered where the performance was good with the best scoring (49/50), the least having (27.5/50) and the class average was (40.6/50). This indicated that most of the trainees had gained a relatively good understanding of the concepts trained. The marking scheme and results were provided to the trainees via email and their test papers also handed back to them. The trainees were provided with copies of the notes, power point (sent to all of them via email) and handouts used in the training (one hand copy given to the organizers of the training to photocopy for the trainees). Successful participants that obtained more than 50% of the test marks received a certificate at the end of the training.

It is expected that through this training, the students, especially the master’s students are better equipped to conduct their research projects and manage their own data excellently. The students (both Msc and Bsc) have been engaged before in data collection in baseline surveys for the CARPs under TAGDev. Going forward, having gained practical skills in data analysis and having gained the basic understanding of the research process involved to give good results, we believe that the team trained remains valuable to be assets for the two CARPs. They will now be able to collect high quality data as well as help in processing of the same during their engagements at TAGDev.

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