In February 16th 2018, the Potato council in partnership with the County government of Nyeri organized for the Eastern and central region Potato fair under the theme Enhancing technologies in Potato value chains for food security and agribusiness, at Wambugu Farm Agricultural Training center in Nyeri. The event brought together different actors in the potato value chain, which included seed potato producers, input providers, Fertilizer Companies, organic farming, Finance, value addition and soil testing companies.
The objectives of the fair were:
i. To create awareness on technologies and innovations.
ii. To provide a networking platform for service providers and other stakeholders.
iii. Enlighten on potato policy, regulations, and standards.
There were 19 Potato demonstration plots where different potato varieties and seed potato technologies were displayed and 36 exhibitors from across the value chain that displayed their products and services on
i. New and improved Potato Varieties for better yields
ii. Methods of Farming and Input application
iii. Soil and crop Nutrition
iv. New Innovation and technologies in seed potato production
v. Organic Farming
vi. Crop Financing and insurance
Through support of seed potato CARP+ project, Nakuru potato farmers, students and lecturers from Egerton University and Baraka College were facilitated to attend the Fair and network with stakeholders in the event.
The EU and BAC students were privileged to have a session with NPCK representative Ms Rose Manyonge who took them through the whole potato value chain and the NPCK strategy and role in the value chain. The students were amazed to realise that there is such a huge gap and challenges in potato from production to marketing, including;
i. Gap between extension and the farmers-farmers concentrating on one variety.
ii. Gap on seed producing-there is no enough varieties, farmers taking long to change and use
certified seed.
iii. Potato storage challenges due to perishability.
iv. Gap in marketing –not aware of the market, brokers controlling the price.
v. Packaging of seed and ware potato a great challenge where regulatory measures are not
adhered to.
vi. Policy and support environment is weak.

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