A baseline survey was conducted between 20th October and 16th November 2017 in Kuresoi North and Njoro Sub-counties, Nakuru. A total of 180 farmers were sampled from these areas, with a bias in seed potato growers. The pilot testing for the survey tools was conducted at Sirikwa Molo on 20th October 2017 where 30 farmers were interviewed. The Bsc and MSc TAGDev students from Egerton University and Diploma students from Baraka Agricultural College participated in the pilot testing and main survey were used as data enumerators. The students were trained prior to pilot testing and a second training before the main survey. The training sessions were spearheaded by the NPCK, ADC Molo and Egerton University. Data analysis from this survey is yet to be completed. Once finalised, the results from this survey will inform the partners on the point of entry and engagement with the farmers going forward. This includes identification of potential and existing seed potato growers and existing gaps and interventions needed at farmers’ level. Students involved learnt skills in dissemination of questionnaires and development of questionnaires as well as seed potato production where an expert from ADC Molo (Judy Oggema) trained them on the basis of seed potato production as a business.

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